Dreams can be described as the manifestation of spiritual activities through the instrumentality of the subconscious. They are often experienced in the night when the individual is deeply asleep. What we must however take note of, is the apparent difference between dreams and fantasy. Whereas the former can be described as the revelation of Gods plan for an individual, the later is mere imagination of individual wishes.

How can one translate dreams to reality?

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The fact that God revealed his plan for your life through a spiritual medium does not automatically translate to positive change in your life. One also has a part to play in ensuring that the plans of God are not frustrated either knowingly or mistakenly.

Act on your dreams

Its not enough to receive divine information from God in the night. What is more important is the ability to act on what God has revealed to you through this unique spiritual medium. Some individual receive coded and classified information which can turn their fortune around, but allow such information to die naturally. If you fail to act on your dream, God will eventually reveal same to someone else.

Hold on tenaciously to your dream

The success stories we see and hear about each day are products of years of persistent dreams which eventually manifested. Joseph knew from a tender age that God had made him ruler over his entire household, but he had to tenaciously hold on to what he had seen in the spiritual realm.

Keep your mind open

Some individuals always wonder why God cannot reveal his divine plan to them through this medium. What they fail to realize, is that the access point to receiving such exclusive information is to keep ones mind open. You cannot shut off your mind and expect God to reveal his plan for your life. The human mind is like a parachute which gains more height depending on the percentage of opening.

Cherish your dream

What you do not cherish will eventually get lost with time. Those who are creative and wise know the value of Gods plan for their life and will treasure it. The value you place on it will determine the pace with which you will pursue it's manifestation.

Though he faced stiff opposition and temptation along the pathway of greatness, he refused to give up on Gods plan for his life. There are stories of individuals who we're at the verge of their breakthrough, but got frustrated and discouraged in life. If they had known how close they we're to seeing their future becoming real, they would have held on a little longer.

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