In this review I wanted to give a people an idea of what type of...

In this review I wanted to give a people an idea of what type of differences you can expect from some of the best SEO plugins for wordpress. Now in regards to features I cannot match these as true competitors because SEO by Yoast is free and SEOpressor is a premium plugin at a cost. But I want to help people decide if it's worth spending the extra money for the additional features that SEOpressor has to offer.

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Keyword Analysis & Onpage SEO

Both SEOpressor and SEO by Yoast offer keyword analysis and on page SEO which is the most important aspect of having an SEO plugin. Whether you are making a new post or pages you need to check your plugins to ensure you are targeting the right keywords and using them in the right areas of your page/post. The main differences in these features for both plugins do not vary a whole lot I found the only differences is how they are presented to the user. If you see below you can get an idea of the comparison on how the keyword analysis is presented to you for both plugins:

SEOpressor Analysis

At first look it may seem SEO yoast will cover more areas of your keyword usage, in general SEOpressor may be more useful for novice bloggers or people who are not very experienced in SEO as the keyword features are much more user friendly and as you can see from the screens it will give you a overall score Where as SEO by Yoast simply has 3 colors red yellow or green for good.

Both plugins will use their own algorthims in their suggestion methods for the keyword density and where to use the keyword for your on page SEO. One area where SEO by yoast fails is there is no additional options like you will find in SEOpressor that give suggestions for LSI keywords. LSI keywords are used to target additional longtail keywords that relate to your chosen keyword. Instead of targeting one main keyword you can cover more ground by selecting up to 3 additional LSI keywords in SEOpressor.

Within SEO by Yoast, you can only select one focus keyword and the plugin will check various areas of your post or page to ensure that keyword is being used. So overall SEOpressor will provide 1 main keyword and 3 LSI keywords for your SEO.

Other Features of Both Plugins

Both plugins allow modification of the snippet preview of how your post or page will show up in the search engines and both are about the same value in predicting the SEO value that you will receive from it. Although one thing I do like about SEOpressor is the Rich snippets feature, instead of simply seeing how the title will show up in SEOpressor you can select what type of page you are publishing whether it be a review or product and you can also add stars to the post. You can see an example of this below:

Social Features

SEO By Yoast does offer a limited feature of adding value for social sites like facebook and Google+ but these are only in the form of a description in case you wanted to use one that differs from your meta description of the new page or post. While SEOpressor will add twitter cards and facebook opengraph tabs, basically these are a form of content that will describe to the search engines what your post is about. While Twitter cards will allow you to attach media such as images to your tweets.

Internal Linking

Both SEO by Yoast and SEOpressor offer internal linking, internal linking is a great way to allow guests of your posts to find related posts by categories this way if you have another post that will be related to your tag or keyword they can read additional posts which improves your SEO score by pageviews by user and time on site. in SEO by Yoast they have internal links in their feature is offered in the form of Breadcrumbs. Both plugins pretty much are the same but I would say SEOpressor is a little more user friendly in setting this up.

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