A Good Day Starts by Planning Good Sleep the Night Before

Not getting enough sleep is a common complaint among women. The day may have a groggy beginning, there might be a lag in energy around 3pm, or by 6pm you're dead tired and facing dinner clean up, lunches to pack for the next day, and a load of clothes to fold. There already is not enough time in the day to satisfy all of our to-dos so crashing is not an option. Regaining your day through better sleep at night is the answer.

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Better sleep, however, does not necessarily mean, "more" sleep. The key to an energy filled day is quality sleep, not quantity.

Our natural sleep pattern consists of several ninety minute cycles. The first phase of the sleep cycle is 65 minutes of normal, non-REM sleep. The next phase is a 20 minute REM sleep. REM, Rapid Eye Movement, is our deepest sleep. That stage is followed by another 5 minutes of non-REM sleep. There is a brief stage between that last phase and the beginning of a new cycle that we just hang in limbo, gearing up for our next sleep cycle. It is in this phase that we are easily awakened by something like light, noise, or a potty break. Waking up for the day during this "limbo" stage is our goal.

When we wake up during our deepest sleep, the REM stage, our bodies don't like it. We feel groggy and sluggish. It is easy to hit the snooze at this point. Because that very important deep sleep was interrupted the body cannot perform to it's best potential during the day.

But when we manipulate our sleep to be interrupted between sleep cycles, our bodies thrive the next day. We wake up feeling refreshed and energized. The trick is in the timing.All you need to do is determine your wake up time then count backward in 90 minute increments until you reach your desired bedtime.

For instance, if you rise at 7am your ideal times to go to bed would be 8:30, 10:00, or 11:30 pm. This allows 90 minute sleep cycles to go uninterrupted as well as allowing for a proper number of hours to sleep. Using 6 to 8 hours as a guide to how much sleep you should get, 10pm would be the ideal bedtime here, although your body would still function nicely 90 minutes earlier or later.

The 90 minute sleep cycle is an amazing tool for our energy and time management, but it might take a couple of tries to get it right so don't be discouraged if it doesn't work the first time. When you're ready to give it a try make sure you turn in a few minutes earlier than your target bed time to allow yourself time to fall asleep. Before long you will be falling asleep and waking up earlier and fresher, experiencing longer lasting energy, and no longer depending on that alarm clock.


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