ANZAC Biscuitsan Australian Tradition

Today I am serving up ANZAC (Australia New Zealand Army Corps) Biscuits which, if you have any familiarity with Australian "cuisine" you will know that these are a popular and well known treat. I love that such an old and traditional food is one ingredient shy of being vegan. They also originated during the war which meant using cheap, affordable ingredients so they are the perfect vegan frugal treat.

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Everyone's grandmother and mum will have a recipe for ANZAC "bickkies" and they are likely very similar. In their hey day these little numbers had a set formula and we're deliberately made out of ingredients which would sustain long distance travel . They do not have eggs and butter is the only non-vegan ingredient, which is easily remedied.

(A brief) history of the ANZAC Biscuit

ANZAC Biscuits date back to World War 1 where they we're sent to troops to keep them going while in battle. In the beginning they we're a more savoury type of biscuit until the the mums and wives got word that their beloveds we're not finding the biscuits palatable so they sweetened them up to a more Scottish oatcake type of morsel. According to a study on Anzac Biscuits (!) they are considered one of the prime ways women made a difference in the war! I would like to think child raring as a single parent while going to the factory to replace the male labour who we're at war was also making a difference. The fact that the women worked together to create a sweet to send to their boys shows how multi talented they were.

When I Was A Kid

Anzac Biscuits we're always kind of chewy inside and a little hard from what I can remember as a kid. To achieve this type of biscuit you will need to cook them until they are golden and then allow them to cool right down. They need to have enough butter to hold them together before they go in the oven.

Here is the veganized version of an original Anzac Biscuit I always use which basically means I am using non dairy butter. I have made them with my go to sweetener which is rice syrup. The original recipe incorporates "golden syrup" which is a treacle like cane sugar by product which happens to be vegan. Use any thick, treacle like substance.

My Anzac bickkies are softer than the originals though honestly they can turn out a little different each and every time depending on how long you cook them. There are now many variations on the tried and true which makes the opportunities to create new version endless.

Obviously there are oats and I have used wheat flour so these not gluten free. If you are a gluten free vegan I know you will likely have gluten free flour and perhaps gluten free oats. If not then maybe Anzacs are not your thing. Take a look at some other gluten free sweets I have offered up here on the blog here and here or check out the baking and sweets and treats sections in the category list to the right. This recipe has been one of my all time favourites here at Vee's Easy Vegan.

What can I say. So simple, very tasty, cheap on ingredients. These are going to be popular at your next Australian themed event. Perfect for a grab and go energy boost when required.

Prep Time 8 min Cook Time 18 min


    1. 1 cup of whole oats


    1. 1/2 cup brown sugar


    1. 1 cup desiccated coconut


    1. 3/4 cup of flour


    1. 1/2 cup ( or more) of butter


    1. 1/2 tsp baking soda


    1. 1/2 cup rice syrup ( or golden syrup)


    1. 1/2 cup hot water


    1. 1 tsp cinnamon


    1. Place the butter and rice syrup in a saucepan and melt.


    1. Mix the bi-carb soda with the hot water and add to butter mixture.


    1. Combine oats, brown sugar, coconut, cinnamon and flour.


    1. Add the wet to the dry and mix until moist but firm.


    1. If the mix is not firm enough and does not hold together add a little bit more melted butter or water...slowly


    1. Drop teaspoonfuls onto a greased tray.


    1. Push them lightly in the middle with a fork.


    1. The secret is to watch them. They will feel very soft when hot. Do not mistake this for undercooked.


    1. When the biscuits are ready bring them out of the oven and allow to cool completely.

Now it is your turn. I would love to hear about your Anzac memories. Do you have a variation on the original recipe? If you are not in Australia do you have a biscuit cookie similar to this one? Drop me a line or a comment, I am always happy to hear from you.

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