Dance & Fitness ClassesSydney Dance Academy offer Private,...

Dance & Fitness Classes -Sydney Dance Academy offers Private, Group, Practice Time, Dance Parties, all at the individual speed & level of each student. Also Singles & Couples, all forms of Social Latin & Brazilian dancing, Weddings, special occasions, Fun socials, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cha Cha, Bellydance & Samba.As most people learn to dance for fun, this is exactly what you experience from the moment you walk in the door.Our Zumba & Konga Fitness classes are nothing short of energetic & fun!! A non-stop intense workout with a mix of Cardio & toning.

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At Sydney Dance Academy have a warm friendly atmosphere which is the result of teachers and students doing what they enjoy, dancing & fitness.

People learn to dance for many different reasons, fun, relaxation, exercise, stress relief or to prepare for a particular event. Whatever the original reason, everyone has fun.

The PeopleThe Sydney Dance Academy dance school attracts the most fun & exciting people into it's doors, who all share the same desire & that is to improve their quality of life through the benefits of social dancing.Whatever the reason for wanting to learn, the instructors at Sydney Dance Academy will make the experience easy, fun and exciting. All staff have been professionally certified to instruct all arenas of social dance styles & Fitness classes.

With a healthy balance of single males, females & couples the Dance & Fitness classes in Bondi/Sydney will make you feel at home & at ease ensuring all your dance requirements are fully satisfied.

Whats on OfferThere is so much to choose from & enjoy. From invaluable private instruction, to intimate group sessions of all levels from beginners to advanced. All students are encouraged to visit and dance at the Sydney Dance Academy as often as they want, either to practise or just to meet up with their dance & fitness friends whom they have met at the classes. We hold parties for all it's students to enjoy, as well as outside events such as Dinner dances, cruises, Formal functions and shows.

Start at Any TimeWhether you just want to have fun or prepare for a special occasions, the teachers at the Sydney Dance Academy have all the experience and knowledge to personalize your dance program to suit you and point you in the right direction. The first step is easy. You will be greeted by our friendly staff who will take you through a fun, easy lesson and get you acquainted with the venue and the Sydney Dance Academy method of Teaching. This consultation will give you the opportunity to discuss with your teacher what your dancing goals are, so your personalised program can suit all of your needs.

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