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While you may know about lemon's powerful antioxidant status due to it's high concentration of Vitamin C, you may not realize that raw, peeled lemons have high levels of fiber, are great for digestion, and are anti-inflammatory. For those watching your blood sugar levels, you will be thrilled to know that1 whole, peeled lemon has a low glycemic load of 4.


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And, as if that weren't enough, despite the high citric acid content, lemons actually have an alkaline effect on the body, which is counter intuitive it's more to do with how the body metabolize this particular, 'weak' acid. For this reason, lemons are a great body-balancer for individuals trying to reduce inflammation and chronic disease caused by high-acid diets (meat, alcohol, processed foods).

Many nutritionists recommend starting your day with the juice of one lemon diluted in warm, pure water to activate the production of bile and gastric acids to promote liver cleansing and digestion for individuals with sluggish digestive systems.

I've found that adding a whole lemon to my vegetable juices helps to make them much more palatable and enjoyable especially when you think of all of the great benefits this tangy, luscious fruit brings to the party without adding too much sugar which kind of defeats the purpose of healthy juicing.

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