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With the holidays just around the corner, it seems even more important to provide clear warnings of how alcohol intake can increase the risk of various cardiovascular disorders including heart failure and stroke. A new study managed to identify the exact process through which excessive alcohol consumption can contribute to arterial clogging which leads to heart attack, just in time for the holidays. The findings of the said research we're published in the journal Atherosclerosis.

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The study's findings add proof that frequency of alcohol intake is as influential to the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases as the actual amount of alcohol consumed.

Binge drinking, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, constitutes the consumption of five or more drinks for men and four or more for women in a span of two hours. Previous studies suggested that irregular alcohol consumption patterns doubles the risk for a fatal heart attack while moderate alcohol intake appears to reduce the risk as exhibited by the red wine effect.

A national survey found that about 65 percent of Americans drink alcohol, with 15 percent reporting binge patterns.

Ethanol in alcoholic drinks is mostly converted to a chemical called acetaldehyde as soon as it reaches the human body. When an individual goes on a binge, the levels of acetaldehyde in the body naturally go up and it remains at high levels for hours after the drinking session is over. This particular study found that it's the high levels of this chemical that causes monocytes immune cells that attack on sites of infection in the body to stick to the walls of the blood vessels. Originally, experts believed that atherosclerosis develops from too much cholesterol clogging the arteries. Heart attack happens when the vessels are completely blocked by fatty deposits. Now, new studies suggest that it is actually the body's reaction to this build-up that contributes more to the occurrence of heart attacks. Fatty deposits along the arterial walls excite monocytes into thinking that there is bacterial infection in this area. The action causes inflammation which in turn causes the blockage.

The study found that acetaldehyde, at levels found in the blood after binge drinking increased the number of monocytes that can adhere to cells lining blood vessels by 700 percent, says the Department of Surgery at the University of Rochester Medical Center and lead author of the study.


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