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The Dirt Depot is proud to provide the highest quality, Canadian mulch products, that will not only enhance the appearance of your gardens, but improve soil quality by keeping the soil moisture in. Mulch also prevents harsh climates from hurting trees and shrubs when it is placed at the base of trees and shrubs.

We currently offer: Composted Pine Mulch, Classic Cedar, Rustic Red Pine, Red Devil, Hardwood Blend, Fibretop, and Black Beauty


We provide a variety of nutrient rich soil products.

For Perennial and Vegetable gardens we carry a variety of soils to suite your specific needs: Gro-Max, Garden Deluxe, Black Loam & Triple Mix

For your Lawn we carry: Gro-Turf for over seeding, Screened Topsoil for sod.

We also carry fill and unscreened topsoil for grading and landscape jobs.

Decorative Stone

We offer various sizes and shapes and textures of decorative stone. Creative gardening and landscaping with rocks – there is no limit to what you can create! Ask us how.

In Bulk provide: 9/16″ White Dolomite, 1″-1 1/2″ White Dolomite, Red Crushed Brick, River Rock, Potato Stone, 1/4″ & 3/8″ Pea Stone.

We also provide a wide variety of Marco-Stone products by the bag.


We provide various aggregates that are used for construction and landscaping projects.

We support local quarries in offering products that are commonly used for roads drainage construction and everything in between.

We carry: Limestone Screenings, 3/4″ Crusher Run, 3/4″ Clear, High Performance Bedding, Crushed Concrete, Gabian Stone

Drainage and Foundation Materials

We provide a full line of drainage and foundation repair materials:

Weeping Tile: 3″. 4″, 6″ Perforated, With Filter, Solid -and fittings

Delta MS: 5′, 6′, 6’6″, 7′, 8′, Fasteners, Flashing, Termination bars

Blueskin: WP 200, Adheisve Primer, Spray Primer, Eroll

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Building Supplies

Our list of building supplies varies from time to time and with each season.

We carry a large range of King Sakrete Products: Concrete, Rapid Post, Mortar, Portland, Polymeric Sand, Interlock Sealer, Plug Tite, Sono-tubes, Aquaphalt (asphalt patch), Window Wells and more…

If you are looking for something in particular please give us a call!

Grass Seed and Sod

We provide a large selection of gardening supplies from peat moss to bubbling rock to sod and paver edging.

Please Note: Sod must be pre-ordered, and is delivered fresh to us each Saturday.

We carry a large selection of supplies for the homeowner gardening enthusiast and the landscaping contractors and everyone in between. If you are looking for something in particular please get in touch and we shall see if we can accomodate.


We have homeowner and contractor grade wheelbarrows, rakes, shovels and more to be used for landscaping and gardening.

We carry brands such as: Garant, True Temper, and Practica.

Bird Seed

We offer a variety of seeds and mixtures for feeding caged or wild birds. Also including bird houses and bird feeders.

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The Dirt Depot

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