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We’re more than just dirt! We’re more than just a Garden Centre! At The Dirt Depot we are your One Stop Shop Landscape Supply Store & Garden Centre! Soils, Mulches, Decorative Stone, Gravel -Garden Deluxe Drainage, Masonry and Building Supplies including concrete mix, rebar, wire mesh, lintels Landscape tool and Wheelbarrows Disposal Bins by Bruce’s Bins -soil bin, garbage dumpster, concrete bin, clean fill bin etc… Metal Art and Rustiques for your home, garden and landscape We carry all the supplies that you the contractor or home owner need to make your garden and landscape look the way you have always dreamed. You can come into our yard to pickup what you need, or call us to deliver your supplies right to your home. Our friendly knowledgeable staff are always ready to help!

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We have the best price around for clean fill bins, concrete bins, soil bins, garbage bins. Rent a Disposal Bin or Dumpster Bin from us today! Are you looking for a way to dispose of your excess soil, broken concrete, renovation debris or your accumulating junk? Contact Bruce’s Bins at The Dirt Depot today for all your disposal bin needs.

The Dirt Depot + Bruce’s Bins = Savings

Order any garden products -mulch, soil, gravels etc… and ask for a Bruce’s Bins delivery in one of our Disposal Bins. We’ll deliver them to you in a disposal bin, then you can fill the bin with you old soils or junk or waste and we’ll haul it away and dispose of it for one low price!

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