Silica Pebbles

Gabion Stone

Crushed Concrete

1″ – 3″ potato stone

1″-2″ Potato Stone

Renfrew River Rock 1″-3″

3/4″ Clear Stone

3/4″ Crusher Run

HPB (High Performance Base)


grey coloured chips or dirt make a natural background

Red Crushed Brick

Red & Black Gravel

3/8″ Pea Stone

1/4″ Pea Stone

Brick Sand / Play Sand

Concrete Sand

White Granite

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The Dirt Depot

163 Highway 5, Dundas

Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 4:30pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday
Please call for hours January 1 to March 15th
163 Highway No. 5 West
Dundas Ontario L9H 5E2
Directly next to Rock Chapel Golf Course

No returns of bulk products
Our responsibility ends at the curb

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