Gardening Supplies


We provide a large selection of gardening supplies from peat moss to bubbling rock to sod and paver edging.

We carry a large selection of supplies for the homeowner gardening enthusiast and the landscaping contractors and everyone in between. If you are looking for something in particular please get in touch and we shall see if we can accomodate.



Revive & Thrive 2-0-2 with Asco

All Natural Revive & Thrive 2-0-2 with Asco 3 in 1 Topdressing & Repair Features & Benefits: -Topdressing and repair ...
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Alfalfa 5-1-5

 Alfalfa 5-1-5 is an all-natural, organic alfalfa blend fertilizer Features/Benefits -Produced in small crumble for easy application and timely breakdown ...
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Corn Gluten 9-0-0

Corn Gluten is a natural substitute for synthetic pre-emergence herbicides. Pre-emergence herbicide attack seeds while they’re still in the ground, ...
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Peat Moss

2.2 cu ft bag 3.8 cu ft bag ...
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2ft x 5ft roll 10 sqft 70 rolls per skid ...
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C1 Uno (Turf Type) Perennial Ryegrass 33%C1 Homerun (turf Type) per. Rye grass 33%C1 Primary (turf Type ) Perennial Ryegrass ...
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Sun & Shade Grass Seed

Kentucky Bluegrass   30% Creeping Red Fescue   30% Chewing Fescue   20% C1 Uno (Turf Type) perennial Ryegrass   20% Seeding Rate 5 ...
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Sun Grass Seed

Kentucky Bluegrass 40% Creeping Red Fescue 40% C1 Uno (Turf Type)perennial ryegrass 20% Seeding Rate – 5 lbs/ 1000 sqft ...
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•Gro Turf (Top Dress)

•Flex paver edging
(in aluminum and plastic)
•Steel fence posts

Turf Revolution
•Time Saver
•Corn Gluten