Bruce’s Bins

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Dirt Bins AND Garbage Bins

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Saving you time and money!

We fill the bins with high quality garden soil, mulch top soil... you name it.

We'll deliver it and leave the bin for you to fill up with your junk.

All for one low price.

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Bruce's Bins

Junk Bin Rental in Hamilton, Ontario

Welcome to Bruce's Bins! We are your best source for junk, rubbish, and waste bin rental in Hamilton, Burlington, Dundas, Flamborough, Ancaster, and surrounding area. Why? In addition to having the perfect junk bin for your needs, we have simple and straight-forward pricing and excellent service. You won't be surprised by the cost after you've committed to us. We are transparent from the moment you call us to the time when you say good-bye to us. We want to make sure you have a very pleasant experience because we understand that you'll call us again when you need a bin again.

Bruce's Bins is not a new company. We have been operating from The Dirt Depot for many years. Bruce McKnight has been the owner and operator of The Dirt Depot from the beginning, and bins have "bin" there since then. When you call Bruce's Bins, you are calling The Dirt Depot, so you know you will get the same superior service you've become accustomed to from The Dirt Depot's staff. 

Bruce's Bins + The Dirt Depot = Savings!

Bruce's Bins and The Dirt Depot have partnered together to offer our customers a very useful and convenient way to tackle projects around the house. If you need to get rid of junk and are working on beautifying your landscape, we have the perfect solution! Order any garden products that you need for your project - mulch, soil, aggregates, etc. - and we'll deliver them to you in one of our bins. Once you have used the garden product, fill up the bin with your rubbish and we'll haul it away - all for one low price! It's a great service for our customers, and we're proud to be able to provide it.

We carry both Dirt Bins for clean fill and Garbage Bins

Waiver of Liability Form

Find our Waiver of Liability Form by clicking below.

Waiver of Liability - bins general form

 Dirt Bins

3 day rental - Sundays are not counted as a day

Flat rate for clean fill.

Our Dirt Bins are ideal for clean fill. Clean fill is waste which is environmentally clean, free from contaminants that would harm any environment affecting people or animals. Many construction materials fall into this category as several of those materials can be re-used or recycled. Some examples would be dirt, top soil, gravel, rubble, cement, and brick. Clean fill does not include:
• Metals

• Organic or biological waste including food or yard waste

• Fiberglass

• Plastics

• Contaminated soil

• Cardboard

• Glass

• Hazardous household waste such as chemicals, appliances, tires, or electronics 

NOTE: Concrete and Pavers only extra $50-75, and Mixed Load (dirt/sod and concrete/pavers) are an extra $75-100.



Clean Fill


Delivery Truck Type




6-8 yard

Single Axle or Tandem Axle




14 yard

Tandem Axle only




6 Yard Bin

Bruce's Bins - 6 yard bin

8 Yard Bin

Bruce's Bins - 8 yard bin

14 Yard Bin

Bruce's Bins - 14 Yard Bin

Bruce is 6' tall.

 Garbage Bins

 7day rental –   Sundays not counted as a day

Bins must only be filled to level

Pricing is bin rental charge plus per ton of garbage dumped

Garbage bins are ideal for all other waste. Anything listed on the list above that does not qualify as clean fill is subject to varying disposal charges as set out by the waste transfer stations. 




Delivery Truck Type




16 yard

Single Axle or Tandem Axle




20 yard

Single Axle or Tandem Axle




35 yard

Tandem Axle only




16 Yard Bin

Bruce's Bins - 16 yard bin

20 Yard Bin

Bruce's Bins - 20 yard bin

35 Yard Bin

Bruce's Bins - 35 yard bin

Bruce is 6' tall.

Important Considerations

Be sure to let us know what type of surface you will require the bin to be set down on. Asphalt driveways could be damaged if not covered, or tight spaces should be measured.

If you are unsure of which size bin to use for your project, ask us. We can help steer you in the right direction.

Please remember that we do not count Sundays as one of your rental days.

For both Dirt and Garbage Bins, there is a $10.00 charge per extra day.

Please remember that our responsibility ends at the curb. The Dirt Depot and Bruce's Bins will not be liable for any damage to a customer's property.


Call us at 905-689-8787 Toll Free: 1-800-701-7374, or send us an email below.

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