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Landscape and Garden Supplies in Hamilton, Ontario

More Than Just Dirt!

Welcome to The Dirt Depot, the best place to purchase all of the supplies that you need to make your garden and landscape look the way you dreamed it could. We carry everything from soil, mulch, and aggregates to decorative stones, garden tools, and unique items you just cannot find anywhere else. You can come in to our yard to pick up what you need, or call us to deliver gardening supplies right to your home. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to help you make your projects a reality. We are truly more than just dirt!

If you are looking for a bin to get rid of the junk you have been accumulating for awhile, contact Bruce's Bins at our same convenient number to have us drop off a bin at your doorstep. We'll even fill the bin with the garden or landscape products that you need. You use the product, fill the bin with your waste, and we'll take it all away. It's a great way to get your home looking beautiful even quicker and for less expense!

Don't forget about The Dirt Depot's famous oddities products we very proudly call Rustiques - that's what you get when you combine the words rustic, unique, and antique. We are constantly bringing in different items for you to peruse, and our customers love finding that perfect... whatever that they need to take home or give away as a gift. They are real conversation starters!

Call or visit us today to find out why we say that we are MORE THAN JUST DIRT.

More Metal Art.
Halloween at the Dirt Depot!

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